Welcome to objecthub.com!

My name is Matthias Zenger and this site presents a collection of the software projects I have initiated or contributed to over the years.


App Store

I have developed two IDEs for the Scheme programming language available via the macOS and iOS App Store. LispPad runs on macOS, providing a complete Scheme development environment. LispPad Go offers the same functionality in a different form factor tailored toward iOS and iPadOS.


Software made available via GitHub includes numerous frameworks implemented in Swift, Scheme, Go, and Java. LispKit is a Scheme interpreter framework coming with countless libraries and integrations. It utilizes several other frameworks I wrote such as NumberKit, MarkdownKit, CommandLineKit, CLFormat, and DynamicJSON.

Google Scholar

My academic work focused on programming languages, their implementation and usage for building extensible systems. I was involved in the creation and initial implementation of the Scala programming language. My PhD thesis was about Programming Language Abstractions for Extensible Software Components.